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Financial Services with the Goal to Provide Control, Stability, and Simplicity to Your Life.

No matter where you live in the world, Beacon Global Advisors (BGA) understands the unique financial complexities you face while living or working abroad. We’re a private wealth management firm providing the same comprehensive level of service that you’re accustomed to in the United States—but specifically tailored to your current needs while abroad.

With a deep understanding of the myriad of financial, tax, and offshore compliance complexities you face, we have a breadth of both international and US financial products and services focused on trying to meet your current and future needs.

When you move abroad, managing your investments can become far more complex than originally expected, and obstacles may appear when it comes to many common investment options and vehicles.

If you’re a US citizen who worked in the US prior to working abroad, or if you’re one of the millions of foreign nationals who spent time working in the United States, more than likely you have a company—sponsored 401k—or possibly established an Individual Retirement Account of your own.


Financial Planning

Having a solid financial plan abroad can help you work toward your long-term goals. BGA can help maximize your existing assets and identify where efficiencies can be made within your global portfolio to help you aim toward the financial needs of both the present and future.


BGA can help you maintain continuity with regards to your investment options in a compliant manner from the management of existing retirement accounts, setting up brokerage accounts, access to alternative investments, and offshore structures.

401k & IRAs

We can help you explore options for regaining control of your US retirement accounts, including assistance with 401k to IRA rollovers, and ongoing management of IRA accounts you may have left behind.

College Funding

BGA offers educational planning services to help your family have a strategy and plan when it comes to college funding including loans, private financial aid alternatives, 529 college savings plans, and savings strategies.


BGA can work with you to find the right insurance packages to protect your business and your personal finances wherever you are in the world such as compensation and general liability to health, property, and umbrella protection. We provide you access to insurance professionals who will work with us to coordinate your plan.


BGA understands the importance of retiring with enough money in the bank to enjoy and retain your current quality of life. We’ll help you define your retirement, determine your spending needs, help with your investments, and get you right on track to financial independence after employment.

Estate Planning

Everyone has an eye on retirement. But living abroad has its own set of challenges. BGA can help you get your assets on the right track now and into the future.

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